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Visit My Brain 🧠

Self-Coaching Workshop | January 22, 2022

Self-coaching is a mindset work tool and is the act of changing our own thoughts in order to create the feelings we want to feel. What we think and feel influences how we show up, what we do, and what results we get.

It’s more than reframes and affirmations. I’ve found that the more self-coaching I do, the more I can live my life by design instead of by default. It takes me out of autopilot and makes me the leader of my life.

In this workshop, you’ll be able to see how I navigate self-coaching along with the many voices in my head (not all mine). I’ll cover personal examples with and without the CTFAR model (we’ll go over this too).

Welcome to my brain 🙂

Jennifer’s Self-Coaching “Process”

  1. Notice that you’re overthinking, spinning out, or generally not feeling great.
  2. Pause and breathe. (You might start to feel better already here!)
  3. Sit down and write down your brain dump. Get it on paper.
  4. Assess and identify thoughts that are causing your feelings.
  5. If needed, get curious and ask questions to get more information and context. Is it your voice? Are there other voices?
  6. Repeat step 4.
  7. Create new thoughts. 
  8. Practice the new thoughts. Befriend the new thoughts. Believe the new thoughts 🙂
  9. If the new thoughts seem like too big of a jump or “easier said than done,” try creating bridging thoughts: slightly better thoughts that are small steps towards the new thoughts.
  10. When in doubt, play! Do the model out of order, draw characters for the voices in your head, go do something else then come back.

Jennifer’s Favorite Tools

  • What’s on your mind? / What else?
  • Tell me more.
  • Where are these thoughts coming from?
  • Is this true?
  • What’s the best/worst that could happen?
  • What do you want (to be/do/feel)?
  • What’s the real problem?
  • Why is this a problem? (e.g., Is thinking that money = success a problem?)
  • Me being myself helps people.
  • I’m just getting started.
  • I’m a fucking badass.
  • I get to do this.
  • I already have what it takes.
Bridging Thoughts (to nurture self-compassion and take small steps):
  • This is only a problem if I think it’s a problem.
  • This doesn’t mean anything about me.
  • It’s okay to (think/feel) this way.
  • Nothing matters.

Sometimes feelings can be hard to name. Jennifer’s tip: Google “list of feelings” to identify the vocabulary you want to use to describe the feelings you’re having and feelings you want.

Let’s stay in touch!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the workshop and how self-coaching is going for you. Feel free to send a note to byjenniferho [at] or DM me on Instagram 🙂

If you’re interested in working together, send me a DM me on Instagram!