Hi, I'm Jennifer. Nice to meet you :)

I'm an introvert who's tired of pretending to be extroverted. Why do we need to be on all the time? Why is it weird to stay home on Friday nights (or every night)? Why do we feel bad for being introverted?

Ever since I stopped shitting on myself for being introverted, life has been more joyful, peaceful, and fun. I want you to have your version of this.

That's why as a life coach, I help introverts like you and me Take Root. When we tap back into who we really are inside and then establish and confidently communicate the boundaries we need, we make life work for us. Not the other way around. No more forcing ourselves into the extroverted mold. 

It's time to make the world more introverted.

I help introverts uproot rules that work against them and plant new ones.

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How can I 
help you?

In Take Root, we take a life-first and rest-first approach so that you can grow your comfort zone instead of stepping out of it as you grow.

The priority is to meet your basic needs and take personal responsibility to create your own comfort and a sense of home in every situation.

Paired with specific skill-building and one primary life project, the program moves you towards leading a life that works for you as an introvert.

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The Take Root Coaching Program


To grow your comfort zone instead of stepping out of it to grow.