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Being introverted isn’t something to overcome. It’s something to love.

Stop being a fake extrovert and start being you.

Hi there, I’m Jennifer

I believe in creating a more introverted world, and that it starts with all of us introverts being ourselves.

In an extroverted world, introverts are constantly pressured to fake it to make it, and if there’s anything that sucks the energy out of us, it’s being fake.

I’m so over it, and I bet you are too. That’s why I help introverts rewrite the rules so that it’s okay to be introverted. So that it’s okay to be real. So that it’s okay to be you.

I specialize in helping you simplify your life so that you have energy to do whatever you want. We will map out and project manage your life while setting boundaries with courage, making decisions that feel good, and speaking up for what matters to you in the most introverted way possible – because that’s natural to you.

Ever since I stopped shitting on myself for being introverted, life has been more joyful, peaceful, and fun. I want you to have your version of this. Do you?

Take Root 1:1 Coaching

You’re not alone in this extroverted world, and you don’t have to figure it out by yourself.

If you’re ready to move on from trying to force yourself to fit into the extroverted mold, from struggling to understand and know what you want out of life, and from feeling stuck in insecurity and indecision, I can help you.

In the Take Root program, you’ll receive a personalized, 3-month experience designed to help you start living the life you want 🌱

We’ll combine both self-coaching and getting coached on the things that matter most to you, such as making big decisions, having difficult conversations, and managing your goals.

What Introverts are Saying

“I am interested in many things, and Jennifer helps me relate those things into one consistent narrative: mine. As an introvert, I feel seen, heard, understood and supported.”

Alex, Master’s Candidate & Brand Designer

“I was so confused about what to do with my life. It wasn’t until I worked with Jennifer that I was able to make decisions. One thing that surprised me had to do with my parents. I was carrying so much resentment towards them that also kept me from living my life. With one question, Jennifer helped me find a perspective that melted all the resentment away.

Van, College Counselor for Students

After receiving coaching with Jennifer, I was confident enough to advocate for myself at work. Boundaries was something I didn’t think I could have as an introvert.

Laura, Executive Assistant

I have a hard time getting to the point, but I feel like Jennifer gets it. She asks really good questions and gives me space to talk things out. Talking it out helps me get deeper, and then I have clarity and know what to do. I feel like it’s ok to be an introvert now. I am so much more confident in my job, in dating. I even started my own business and know how to talk to clients!

Kathy, Interior Designer

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